Thursday, February 13, 2014

Speaking the truth

The video above is of Dale Hansen, a sportscaster with WFAA, the Dallas-Fort Worth ABC (USA) Affiliate. He takes on those who whine about how the USA’s NFL isn’t ready for an openly gay player, and scores some big hits.

Hansen is a mid-60s, white sportscaster, working in Texas—he's the sort of person who, prejudice tells us, ought to be speaking against the recent coming out of American college football player Michael Sam. But in a little over two minutes, Hansen speaks the truth as few others in sports broadcasting have.

Watch this video and see why it’s becoming ever clearer that the forces of anti-gay prejudice and bigotry have already lost the debate, even if the war is unfinished. The tide has turned, society has evolved, and this commentary is yet another example of that.

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rogerogreen said...

Ah, I'd seen this before, but you posting it gives me the excuse to link to you at the end of the month.