Friday, April 27, 2012


This video, directed by Mike Buonaiuto, is part of the multi-partisan, multi-faith effort to end marriage discrimination in the United Kingdom. I think it, and the message it carries, are great.

As I have repeatedly said—and will continue to say until there is no longer a need—there’s no rational, secular reason to oppose marriage equality: All opposition is based purely on religious belief, and no one has the right to impose his or her religious beliefs on everyone else, nor to deny the blessings of freedom and liberty to their fellow citizens based solely on religious prejudice. And so, if sometimes I sound like a one-note horn, tough: Try having your humanity denied and see how willing you are to keep quiet and go away.

This video is now my second-favourite marriage equality video, after the one from Australia last November. Still, considering how high my standards have become, second is damn good.

I wish I didn’t have to keep blogging about this, because I wish that gay couples were treated the same as straight couples. Until they are, I’ll keep posting videos, I’ll keep publishing posts, I’ll keep criticising and I’ll keep pushing until justice is delivered. There simply is no other choice.


d said...

And then this happened for real:



Roger Owen Green said...

"This video is currently unavailable."

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Nice story, d!

Roger, I think that was a temporary glitch; I checked less than half an hour after you posted your comment, and the video worked fine.

Roger Owen Green said...

Or maybe it's a country-specific thing. I can SEE the picture when I click on, but can't get to it.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

That's really weird! When I looked at it on amerinz.blogspot.co.nz, the audio started well before the picture, but it was normal on amerinz.blogspot.com. Have you tried watching it on YouTube?

Roger Owen Green said...

No, it's some strange interaction between Firefox and Adobe. I had to reinstall Adobe to watch it. Strange, though, that it didn't affect the next video on the page.