Thursday, February 17, 2011

OMD – History of Modern, Part 1

Time for a little break from more serious subjects…

Yesterday I received an email from OMD announcing the release of the official video for The History of Modern (Part 1). I joined their email list last August when the video for “If You Want It” was released. I posted that video and mentioned the email list back then.

It turns out, this video was the winner of a competition on genero.tv. It was directed and produced by Lapantafilm from Sweden. You can view the other entrants and finalists here.

OMD said in their email:
"The sheer volume of work that has gone into this is incredible. So many different film animation styles. A very creative mixture of stop frame animation, modelling, drawing, film capture. A serious collection of OMD references… some of which are incredibly subtle, some not. The ideas are a varied and effective as the many different techniques. There were several really strong entries but this is the clear winner."
I think it also illustrates the extensive and targeted Internet marketing being used for products associated with this album. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. I hope it works well for them so there are more songs to come.

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