Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The die is cast…

…and so is my ballot. The photo is of me posting my Official Overseas Ballot, which is kind of like putting it in a ballot box. To be counted, it has to arrive by 7pm on election day or, if posted (as this one was), it has to be postmarked by 7pm election day (and this will meet that requirement) and must reach Chicago by two weeks after election.

In case you’re wondering, it cost NZ$3 to post, which today is about US$1.90.


d said...

I just received my ballot in the mail today! =)

Dennis said...

You voted for McCain, didn't you? Don't think that the Obama ad is going to fool me, mister.

Nik said...

Rrrr, I haven't gotten mine yet. We're probably going to fax it back so I guess I can give it a week or so. Can't wait to vote for that Maverick!

Can't even type that with a straight face.

Roger Owen Green said...

Everyone knows Nik and Arthur are big Sarah Palin fans!

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

D: Yay, you! I'm hearing about a lot of expat Americans who have received their ballot (or taken steps to), each one so they can vote for Obama. I even recorded a PSA for gay podcasters promoting exactly that.

Dennis: Damn! And I thought I'd covered my tracks so well with all the blistering posts attacking McCain and Palin!

Nik: I've also heard from expats in that situation. Clearly some states are more efficient than others. I generally can't bring myself to write anything joking about supporting Palin-McCain: I feel like I need a good scrub afterward.

Roger: Don't know about Nik, but you have me figured out. I just love her on "Saturday Night Live"!