Thursday, September 27, 2007

Marriage really is sacred

You know how right wing christianists keep going on about how marriage is a sacred institution? It's so sacred, they say, that it must be restricted to one man and one woman. I always thought that was just religious bigotry, but it turns out I was wrong. Those wacky heterosexuals have proven it.

A radio station has just finished a competition called “3 Strangers & A Wedding”. The winning bride met two potential grooms on the wedding day, then had to pick one to marry immediately at a flash Auckland venue. They're now married.

So yes, I was wrong. Marriage really is a sacred thing! Now that I know that it's so sacred that it can be a competition prize among three strangers, I'm glad they won't let same sex couples marry. We wouldn't want to ruin their good fun with concepts like love, fidelity and committent. No, marriage is obviously far too sacred for that.


lost in france said...

Hear, hear!

Kalvin said...

Oh Arthur. I'm sorry you've been so deluded by the homosexual agenda. Nothing could be more sacred than the contests to win someone in marriage like a piece of property. Have you forgotten all of your bible?