Saturday, November 02, 2019

Twenty-four years

Twenty-four years ago today, I arrived in New Zealand to stay and began my new life with Nigel. We always used to celebrate this anniversary as our own because it was when “we” began, and that made it important to us. This year’s is the first one without him, and I still have no idea how to do this—create a totally different life than the one we’d planned together. I at least know (hope?) that the next anniversary may not hurt quite as much.

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rogerogreen said...

BTW, Arthur, I hope that you didn't think I had abandoned you. The last week was busy, with my wife sick one day, my daughter sick TWO days, and a refrigerator delivery. I wrote no blog posts between Monday and Friday. But I've been reading you here, and even on FB every chance I get. I care.

Arthur Schenck said...

I would never think that, in part because, to be honest, I seldom notice such things.