Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ten years later

Ten years ago today—a decade ago—we had our civil union ceremony. That meant we were legally joined in the only way available to us back in 2009, though we were married in 2013. But that day in 2009 was the first time we had a proper legal status, so it matters.

The day was extremely hot, something the family still talks about. That year, too, we celebrated my 50th birthday. A decade later, it’s cooler than it was then, and it rained this morning. Also, my 60th birthday party is this coming Sunday. So, things are very different today than they were a decade ago.

All that aside, remembering is important. I often talk about celebrating the small victories, and also the significant things in our life regardless of how “important” some make think they are (which is the reason I have my largely, but not completely, tongue-in-cheek “Season of Anniversaries”). Sometimes things may be more significant than it may seem to others. Last year, I put it this way:
Everything we do in life is connected to everything else, one way or another, and our civil union was the ceremony, our later marriage the finalisation of what happened nine years ago today. And that’s why I remember it every year.
So, that day in 2009 was overshadowed by later events, but it still mattered for its time. There are a lot of events in our lives like that, some if which only we remember. Maybe bloggers have a small advantage in that we have a ready-made way to memorialise the things that were and important for their time, and for what followed. This tenth anniversary is like that.

So, Happy anniversary to us! Once again.

This now concludes the 2018-19 “Season of Anniversaries”. This blog now resumes normal content provision.


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