Saturday, October 06, 2018

Ordinary days

Today was an ordinary day, one of several lately. We’ve had a pretty good run of weather lately, which helped us get some things done, and we had visitors, too. It’s nice to have ordinary days.

Yesterday I went to see the doctor to renew my prescriptions for the drugs I’ve been on the past month. Normally, I’d get a three month refill, but I got letter from our DHB (District Health Board) that I’ve been designated “Priority 2” for seeing the cardiology team for a follow up, and that appointment should be sometime in the next five weeks or so. It’s possible they might change my drugs or dosage, so I didn’t want to have some I’d have to return for destruction (once dispensed, drugs cannot be re-dispensed to someone else, and the only thing to do is to return them to a chemist, where they’re collected for destruction).

The doctor agreed with my caution, and wrote a one-month prescription. If I don’t hear from them by the time the drugs run our, I’ll go get another month’s supply. The good news is that because of all these drug changes I’ve now reached the maximum fees for the year, and all my prescriptions for the rest of the year are free.

Since my last post on the new drugs, I’ve realised that they leave me as tired as the old beta blockers did, though maybe not quite as profoundly so. However, I’ve noticed some real memory problems that are completely different from what I had on beta-blockers, which was mainly a lack of focus, rather than trouble remembering things, although there was some of that. I’ll have more to say about all that after the drug issue is settled.

Meanwhile, I felt really bad yesterday—a tummy ache and general yuckiness. I felt so bad, in fact, that I just gave up any thought of blogging, which is a shame because this month was going rather well, after I made up for a day off. Still, early days this month; plenty of time to make up for another day off.

The weather has been good lately, allowing us to take care of a few things outside. The rest of the month is supposed to be cold and dry. We’ll see.

The biggest challenge so far this month is in the photo above. Such a burden.

But it’s also just another ordinary day. It’s nice to have ordinary days.

Update: At the time I wrote this post, I hadn't yet opened the bag that had all my prescriptions in them. When I did open the bag the next day, I found that they were all a three-month supply. I don't know who made the mistake, but it's unlikely that the chemist made did. However, I didn't look at the prescription before handing it over, so I can't be sure. I'll have to double-check in the future, I guess.

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