Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lazy days

It’s summer. It’s hot. I forget stuff—or is it just forget to remember? In any case, I posted the photo above several days ago and then forgot to share it here. Oops. In my defence, it’s been really hot—so hot that shellfish is being cooked alive in the sand of beaches. So, I don’t feel like doing very much at all. And yet, life goes on.

The day I shot that photo, I hardly left the air conditioned upstairs, and neither did the dogs. These dogs are not mad and do not go out in the midday sun—or any summer sun beyond what’s, um. Absolutely necessary.

This photo was shot a little before they might reasonably have expected their other daddy to return home, and it was. But it was also the Friday before a three day holiday weekend, with Auckland Anniversary yesterday.

The holiday was a lovely summer day, with heat, yes, but sun and fun and events of every description. In our area, some locals took it upon themselves to organise a beach cleanup to deal with the detritus washed up on our beaches in recent storms. The rubbish was collected for disposal, and recyclables were set aside for separate collection. Very modern. But what struck me is someone organised it, and people just joined in, with no government support or participation. This is what Auckland and New Zealand are all about.

We’d had every intention of joining those folks, but it was a summer holiday and we overslept. Well, I did, and I was the one who needed to remind Nigel. Instead, we just had a quiet, lazy day. We went out for lunch, but otherwise stayed in the cool.

Yesterday, when I was looking for something else, I found a box in the garage with stuff I packed up maybe five years ago, probably at a time we thought about selling our house. I went through the contents, and divided receipts and statements into piles for filing and shredding—and that was all I accomplished on my office organisation project all weekend, and technically that was added on. It’s just been too hot.

Today I had a periodontist appointment, and I have a treatment on Thursday (why muck around?). More about all that later.

I’ve also pretty much decided on my new doctors, and I hope I’m making the right choice. More about that later, too, but I don’t expect to see them until well into next month (I don’t need to see a doctor for prescription renewals until March, so there’s plenty of time).

All of that, however, is related to everything else—it’s like a big chain of cause and effect. I’ll talk about that, too, as the issues resolve themselves, but right now, it’s all just a bit too much. It’s too hot, you see.

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