Sunday, January 21, 2018

How the day began

I wasn’t in a hurry to get up this morning—it’s my birthday, after all—but when I woke up, I realised some things. First, my feet were hanging off the bottom of the bed. Second, Bella was on my pillow above my head (photo above). The second explained the first.

Bella did this all the time last winter, and I didn’t mind: It kept the top of my head warm where, maybe, my own “fur” once did. She’s started doing this again recently, maybe because the air conditioning in the bedroom is making it a bit too cool for her. Dunno—that’s a guess. But lately every time I wake up in the morning—sometimes during the night—she’s asleep on my pillow at the top of my head. I don’t mind, really, especially because she doesn’t attack me when I move and bump her in my sleep.

I haven’t talked much about Bella recently, not really since we thought she might be on her way out a couple months ago. As it happens, she had a diarrhoea attack and was fine immediately after—this time, anyway. Still, she’s very thin, not grooming as much as she used to, and often tears out her fur from scratching too much. So, she has bald patches (the fur grows back, of course). She’s clearly elderly, and not well, but she’s also happy and not in any pain or discomfort, so we’ll take that. As long as she’s happy, we’ll give her the space to be happy.

And that means letting her sleep on my pillow, against the top of my head. I don’t really mind. And, it was a nice start to my birthday.

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