Monday, January 02, 2017

Lunch at the Atrium

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One of the best things about being on holiday is the freedom to have lunch and/or dinner out. Doing it isn't the point, nice though that is, it’s having the freedom to do it. Today we exercised that freedom.

Nigel’s mum is staying with us this week and we decided to go have yum cha, which people in the USA and the UK usually call dim sum (and today I learned that yum cha is actually the more accurate term for the experience, since dim sum refers to the food). So, we went to Dragon Boat, which is located in the Atrium on Elliott, a mixed use development fronting onto Elliott Street in Auckland’s CBD (Central Business District).

Elliott Street is a “shared space” which is similar to what used to be called a “pedestrian mall”, areas that were formerly streets but changed to allow only pedestrians. Shared spaces, in the other hand, remove the distinction between footpath and road so that pedestrians and vehicles can share the space. Naturally, they are slow speed areas and pedestrians always have the right of way. Auckland Council has a programme for creating shared spaces in town centres throughout Auckland.

Elliott Street used to be a narrow, one lane street with limited parking, and part of it was more like an alley, and as barren and unwelcoming as that may sound. The rest of the street wasn’t very welcoming, either. Now, the street plaza is wide and welcome, a vibrant and lively place, even on a public holiday like today.

The photo up top is actually just of the angel hanging about the street space, and of one of the old buildings behind it. The Atrium on Elliott is the right and out of view.

The photo below is looking up the hill toward Wellesley Street. The Atrium on Elliott has all the banners for “The Warehouse”, which moved into the Atrium after its former location in the Downtown Shopping Centre was torn down to make room for a new tower (and for construction of the underground City Rail Link).

Walking to the restaurant, I realised how much I need to do some photo expeditions into the CBD. Among other things, there are some lovely old buildings I’d like to share. Add that to this year’s agenda.

Lunch will be required, I'm sure.

A photo posted by arthur_amerinz (@arthur_amerinz) on

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