Sunday, January 01, 2017

Here we are in 2017

So, here we are in 2017, eh? Will this year be better than 2016, worse, about the same? There are plenty of good reasons to believe any one of those alternatives, and at any given point, any one might seem most likely. Whatever this year ends up being, we’ll need a healthy dose of humour to get through it.

The image above is of something I posted to Twitter this morning. Although the subject is true—the weather really was better much better this year than on New Year’s Day last year—I was clearly being tongue-in-cheek, and for a reason: This year, particularly beginning 19 days from now, there will be many negative things to think about and worry about, but there will also be good things, or better things, too. I believe we mustn’t lose sight of the good and positive, or the merely humorous, or else we’ll be consumed by the negativity.

We need strength in order to be able to fight what’s bad and awful. When the times themselves are bad, strength is even more important—and more difficult to maintain. So, I think that we need to make room in our lives and minds, going out of our way, if need be, to find and celebrate good things, positive things, funny things. It’s a way to keep our emotional batteries charged for the times we most need energy, and for the times when true outrage will be required.

Not every day will be bad, not every moment a disaster. Many will be good, and some will be awesome. I intend to celebrate the good precisely so I can better resist the bad.

In the year ahead, I’ll share my views on politics, just as I always have. But this year I also plan on sometimes deliberately NOT commenting, just as I did in 2016. Last year I finally learned that I don’t need to address every outrage, nor correct every myth or lie. Life is far more than that.

2016 blogging by the numbers

Despite all the difficulties, last year ended up being my fourth most-blogged year, that is, it’s ranked fourth for the number of published posts. The annual rankings: 1. 2008, 2. 2011, 3. 2007, 4. 2016, 5. 2009, 6. 2013, 7= 2010, 2012*, 2014, 2015, 11. 2006. (*2012 has one more published post than is visible; I re-set one 2012 post to draft and may one day restore it). Most blogged months: 1. November, 2= October, December, 4. February, 5. January, 6= July, September, 8. May, 9. March, 10. June, 11= April, August.

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