Tuesday, March 08, 2016

While they were sleeping

Last week was a very busy week. I was so swamped with work that I really didn’t have any time for blogging, though I did try. One of my ideas was to do a quick post with some photos with the furbabies. Things didn’t go according to plan—twice.

The first problem was simply lack of time: By Thursday, and on through the weekend, I just didn’t have time to do the post I’d originally planned on doing Thursday. So, I then decided to post it yesterday: But just as I finished and was ready to save the file so I could publish the post, Word crashed with no save. My fault—I hadn’t saved it at the very beginning as I usually do.

So, after all that, I decided to post the photos, anyway. Besides, even though I took them all last Thursday, they’re actually pretty typical for any day. So, here’s what I saw.

It all started with the photo at the top left of this post, with the three furbabies sleeping on the bed (well, Sunny was raising her head to see what I was doing). It was 8:34am, and I’d finished my shower and was getting dressed when I saw them all and snapped a photo.

The photo above was at 3:30pm. Jake had made himself a little nest on the guest bed. Since I already had the photo of the three of them from the morning, seeing Jake gave me the idea to go and take a photo of each furbaby sleeping.

The photo of Sunny laying in the hallway was taken about the same time: She’d followed me and lay down to wait until I sat down somewhere, since she generally prefers to sleep near to wherever I am.

I took the photo of Bella at 5:12pm. She was sleeping on what I call her “auxillary bed”, the disused BBQ that was in the “Nature Photo A Day” series on Day 6, “Detritus”. She wasn’t around the house, as near as I could tell, when I took the photos of Sunny and Jake, but I wanted her to be in the series, too.

And that was the idea. Not a great one, as it happens, but a few obstacles made me even more determined to see it through.

Sometimes, blogging is just like that. Furbabies are optional.

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