Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just another Sunday

As I’ve said many times before, New Zealanders aren’t terribly religious, even if they think of themselves as having a religion. So when a purely religious day like Easter comes around, most New Zealanders treat is as an just another Sunday. We did, too.

We had some chores to attend to, like getting the house clean and tidy. My mother-in-law was due to arrive this evening for a visit, and cleaning the house just before one’s mother-in-law arrives is part of the world’s universal laws. I’m sure it’s in the UN Charter somewhere.

So, all the chores went well, though we fought to clear a blocked drain. There’s a trading ban today—I’m not even sure we could have found a plumber, and I shudder to think what it would have cost! Even so, we succeeded, after using the garden hose to push the block along (my Nigel is very clever).

Other than that, it was just some little bits and pieces, such as we might do on any other Sunday—apart from shopping, due to that trading ban. Sundays are usually pretty quiet for us normally, the only difference this week is that we couldn’t go shopping if we wanted to.

But that’s the tale of our Easter—it was just another Sunday. Actually, it is every other year, too.

The photo up top is of two chocolate Easter Kiwi that the Easter Bunny left at our house. I haven’t seen those before, but maybe they’ve been around and I just didn’t know. In any case, it seems much more appropriate for New Zealand than yet more Northern Hemisphere imagery force-fed to Southern Hemisphere reality: It’s Autumn here, not Spring…

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