Friday, September 11, 2015

There is a reason

It is not on accident, or because of laziness, that I haven’t posted as much lately. I have plenty to say—or, rather, I would if I wasn’t so utterly detached. The reality is that I’m fed up—once again!—with politics in two countries. Trust me, it’s best that I don’t say what I REALLY think!

US politics in particular leaves me utterly baffled: Why in the hell are such incompetent, unqualified morons like Donald “The Hair” Trump and Ben “What Me Worry” Carson doing so well in the Republican Presidential Candidate Idol? I cannot begin to express my contempt for those idiots, but it’s not really about them: How has the Republican Party sunk so low that morons are their most viable candidates? I cannot understand that at all.

In New Zealand, we have the idiotic flag referendum (and I probably mean that in a way you don’t, fellow Kiwis…). It’s not the cost alone, it’s the many conflicts of interest that must lead, I think, to the conclusion that John Key set this whole thing up to get the result he wanted all along. And yet, people LOVE John Key. Sure, they may be morons or masochists, or they just love politicians fucking them over repeatedly (I have no idea what it is), but it is the reality in New Zealand, and none of the opposition parties are anywhere near deposing John Key and National. In truth, they don’t even seem to understand what the problem is.

So, I hate politics in two countries, and I have no idea what to do about it. Remove myself? Yeah, easy for the USA, but in New Zealand? Where I live? It’s not so easy. For the first time in my political life—and we’re taking nearly forty years—I really want nothing to do with party politics in any country. What do I do?

The answer for me, at the moment, is to say nothing at all. Sure, I’m not free to say what I really think about New Zealand politics, but that’s not the only reason I’ve been abstaining: The harsh reality is that I simply don’t care anymore—I don’t want to be a part of what I’m talking about on this blog.

When the time comes, when I’m no longer constrained in my commentary about NZ politics, I probably won’t say a lot that’s different: The issue isn’t my restriction, it’s that I simply don’t care about what the players in this game want. What happens, happens. But, I DO want to say my honest opinion, not what I think I acceptable.

So, I hold my tongue, more often than not, because I feel utterly detached from the politics of two countries. And yet, the posts in which I lay out what I think are the most popular—can I ignore my readers? I honestly don’t know.

In the meantime, my lack of posts is not on accident or because of laziness—I’m just utterly detached from everything.

Related: Almost exactly two years ago I made what I called "a tactical withdrawal" from posting overtly political things on Facebook, and since then I began my AmeriNZ Facebook page where I sometimes share overtly political things (in additon to sharing my blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos).

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