Friday, May 15, 2015

An Arthur by any other name

This morning, as I caught up on news and views, I saw a link to story about a name generator that would tell you what your name would be today, or in previous decades. I don’t always follow such a link, but this time, well, I was curious.

After following that link, then on to the actual source, Time, I found a baby name generator that uses a very simple idea for some fun. Using Social Security Administration data, it determines what the popularity of your name was in the year you were born, then tells you what that same-ranked name was in every decade from 1890 until today.

So, in my case, back in 1959 "Arthur" was the 76th most popular name for a boy, and today the 76th most popular name is "Ian". I’ve put the complete list at the end of this post.

Obviously there are other factors in baby naming than just popularity, including re-using family names, as my parents did for me. Even so, it's interesting to see how the naming of kids compares over the past century plus.

In any event, I’m still the same wonderful person no matter what my name might have been. At least we can all agree on that!

What my name would have been in previous decades:

2000s: Kaleb
1990s: Brent
1980s: Randall
1970s: Brandon
1960s: Bob
1950s: Lonnie
1940s: Elmer
1930s: Leslie
1920s: Tom
1910s: Orville
1900s: Nathan
1890s: Amos

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