Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Same dogs, different day

Today Jake and Sunny had their more-or-less semi-annual clipping. When I picked them up, I posted a photo (above) to Facebook. However, someone (not naming names, though it was Nigel) wondered if it was the same photo I posted last time. As if!

Now, I grant you that the photo of Jake and Sunny today is similar to the ones I posted back in October, mainly because they’re sitting on the same sides of the car. But, let’s compare them, shall we? First, the photo I shared on social media last October:

There are a few similarities, but to be sure, let’s compare it to the main photo I posted to this blog back then:

Okay, okay, they’re not all that different—except to me, of course, because I can see the difference in their haircuts. In all seriousness, I think the difference may be because I took them to be groomed before their fur got too long and shaggy, unlike last time, when they were practically shaved. This time, they just needed a regular grooming, nothing drastic. Note to self.

The reason I was so keen to get them done now is that we’re in autumn. We’ll still have some hot days yet, so they can be cool now. However, when the temperatures begin to cool, their fur will have started to grow out. Win/win.

Trust me on this, though: The photos ARE different.

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rogerogreen said...

SURE they are. If you say so...