Friday, August 01, 2014

If men were women

Yeah, a BuzzFeed video. It’s better than the site’s posts, things like, “20 Most Scary Vegetables in animated Gifs”, or whatever—the things like they usually do. Even so, and like so many of their videos, this one isn’t particularly original. Still, it’s good. Maybe it can even make some people (some men…) think.

What frustrates me about these videos—and I’ve posted a few by now—is that they clearly have a healthy budget for videos, but they only scratch the surface. Maybe it’s the BuzzFeed connection—superficial, shallow, lacking in detail—but with their reach they could do so much more to educate people about the issues they address.

Maybe I’m unduly harsh. Maybe this is better than I think it is. I welcome dissenting comments. But for me, these videos are very often more about what might have been than what is.

Even so, I do like this video.

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rogerogreen said...

It's for a limited attention span audience, it's designed to be click bait, generating "content." Why do in eight minutes what you convey in 80 seconds? You must be over 50.