Monday, June 02, 2014

Good news from my home state

Today (June 1 in the USA), Illinois’ freedom to marry law took effect. LGBT couples have been able to marry in Cook County (home of Chicago) since February 21, following a federal judge’s ruling, and 1600 couples got licenses since then. Now, couple is all the 102 counties in Illinois will be able to get marriage licenses.

This is a great day for my native Illinois, but when I lived there, this was something I never expected to see in my lifetime. Equality feels pretty awesome. It’s also nice to know that When Nigel and I visit, we’ll still be legally married.

Even so, the work isn’t quite done. The Republican candidate for Governor, Bruce Rauner, last year expressed his opposition to the marriage equality law, Now, activists are pressuring Rauner to publicly state his current position.

The concern is that with all the Republicans at the top of the ticket in Illinois opposed to the freedom to marry, if Rauner was elected he could work behind-the-scenes to block new legislation protecting LGBT families and erode the existing laws.

As I often remind people, all our progress could be wiped away with one bad election, and we’d have to start all over again. Elections have consequences, and voting matters.

But for now, for today, it’s good to just celebrate a good thing happening.

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