Sunday, May 22, 2011

A parable for Harold

Just like Linus, who wasted his time waiting for a mythological event that never happened, Harold Camping, or someone like him, will again predict the end of the world, and, like Linus, he’ll be wrong. Again.

There’s never a shortage of people trying to sell belief in imaginary nonsense like the Great Pumpkin. I’d hope that this was the last time “end of days” predictions are spread around by the newsmedia, but that’s unlikely (next year is 2012, after all). Maybe next time journalists could try remembering the old saying, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” before they jump on the lesser pumpkins’ bandwagons.


Jason in DC said...

You just wait Arthur and next year the Rapture REALLY WILL take place.

And I'm going to plant pumpkins this year and the great pumpkin will rise out of my pumpkin patch. You just wait and see.

So glad you made it through. Just like I did and just like everyone else did.

Arthur Schenck said...

You'd almost think you were channelling Harold there, because you certainly predicted the gist of his new crazy "prophecy".