Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jake and Sunny on Thursday

This, and the photo above, is what I was trying to post on Thursday evening:
I don’t feel like a normal post today, and, anyway, Blogger was down this evening when I was ready to post. So, here’s a photo of Sunny and Jake that I took this morning, when it was still cool in the house. I took the photo with my cellphone, which doesn’t have a flash, so I had to lighten the photo a lot so that Jake would even be visible!

Back to normal, so-called, tomorrow.
As it happens, of course, it was not “back to normal” the next day. I’d also worked a bit on a longer post on Thursday, one with more substance than the above, but I just wasn’t happy with it. Doesn’t matter; I wouldn’t have been able to post it, anyway.

There was also an incident during the Blogger blackout when I got caught-up in a discussion in the comments to a blog, taking a position that surprised even me. I wanted to post here about the whole thing. We’ll see.

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