Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Distraction: More 80s musicians redux

In recent months, I’ve posted new videos from OMD and Erasure, groups active in the 1980s—an era of pop music for which I have enormous affection, despite the political pollution of that time. Today, I add another one: The Cars.

This video, for their new song Blue Tip, is from the group’s forthcoming album, Move Like This (to be released in May). It’s the group’s first recording in nearly a quarter century (which sounds way more dramatic than saying 24 years…).

In recent months I’ve heard a lot of pop music, especially indie music, that’s strongly reminiscent of 80s music—some of it even sounding like lost recordings from that era. Now, we have actual 80s bands recording new material. To me, that’s all good, of course, though I know some will have an automatic rejection of it. To each his own—but this, too, will not last; styles, sounds or whatever never do.

The truth is, I take all pop music with a grain of salt—liking what I like, and disliking what I dislike. Unlike politics, however, I seldom care if anyone else agrees with me or not. Actually, that means it’s not like the real 1980s at all. And that IS a good thing.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I didn't know it at the time, but the Cars teased this on Facebook back in October.