Friday, February 05, 2010

What the…

The other day we were in the grocery store and saw this plastic can: The body is plastic, like a bottle and the top is aluminium with a drink tab, like a normal drink can. I’ve never seen anything like it. To me, it frankly looks bizarre, like something designed by a committee to use up spare parts.

I’ve never heard of the drink—it’s made somewhere overseas, but I have no idea where since the country of origin isn't listed on the label. I should add for the benefit of my American friends and family, in this part of the word “lemonade” is like the commercial brands “Sprite” and “7-up”.

At any rate, I don’t expect plastic cans to catch on, and I hope they don’t: They’d be a nightmare for recyclers. I was told they used to be around in the past. As far as I’m concerned, they should stay there.


Reed said...

I was chatting to my cultural adviser / office mate a while back about the use of the word lemonade to refer (primarily) to Sprite.

I described what it meant in the US and she said "Yeah, that's what it used to mean here.."

liminalD said...

There are a lot of drinks on the Asian market packaged like this... it's pretty sad - most recycling companies just throw them out when they receive them. The other big nuisance is tetra pack juice cartons - you know the ones - foil inside, paper/card over the top and an outer layer of plastic wrap... those just end up in landfill cos they can't be separated easily. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!