Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas era ends

For the past couple years, a group of lads has been selling Christmas trees by the side of the road, usually wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts. They wanted to make a little money in December, when most of them were on break from university.

Why the skimpy attire? “I think it was by accident, really,” one of the lads told me. “We were out here one day…and then all the sudden we started getting bored and started waving at cars and took off our shirts, and it started growing from there.” The lads had a child’s paddling pool they sometimes used, and sometimes they carried out special routines—exercise sessions, dance parties, champagne breakfasts (for them, they were more thoroughly dressed in suits). A few times they wore only budgie smugglers (Speedo-style swim suits). Despite the skimpy attire, it was all just a bit of a laugh and actually completely innocent.

They got the attention of people driving by, often earning a friendly toot from a car horn as well as some sales, though apparently not as much this year as last. “It doesn’t really worry us,” they said about the reduced sales this year, “as long as we could have a bit of fun and make bit of money.”

Today was their last day ever, and somehow it just won’t be the same without them. They added a bit of silliness to the season, and some fun, too. And no one could fault them for their commitment to earning some money in a novel way.

One of the best things for me about it was that is was certainly something that could never be copied for Chicago’s Christmas. Warm weather Christmases definitely have their advantages.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why no one has thought to sell trees like that over here in Canad---Oh right, the snow.

Anonymous said...

Damn! We need to do this in Orlando!

Arthur Schenck said...

Mark: Well, I supppose you could always put domes over your cities...

Michael: I know, right?