Monday, October 06, 2008

The visit ends

Our young nieces have moved on to Nigel’s sister’s house for the next few days after what was a fun week for everyone.

We went to the Zoo, to Kelly Tarlton’s, took them to the park and let them have some fun treat meals. They also used the spa pool most days, and played with Jake most of the rest of the time.

They were absolutely no trouble—in fact, they were pretty much perfect in most ways. But they also have a lot of energy, which could be a bit exhausting for us oldies. They quieted right down when children’s television was on, which led me to understand why parents turn to it. But the girls themselves sometimes wanted the TV turned off, so they’re clearly not TV addicts.

Near the end of their stay, we got a Nintendo Wii game console with Wii Sport. The physical nature of playing the Wii appealed to them in a way old-fashioned game consoles couldn’t, and it turned out that even at their young ages they were competitive with the adults. How many games is that true of? So in the Wii there was both entertainment and physical activity—not a bad combination.

It was a fun time this past week, but now it’s back to work. We know we’ll see the girls before they head home later this week, if only because their dad, Nigel’s brother, is staying with us for a few days. So, there will probably be a few more chances for their uncles to spoil them some more. Pretty good for everyone, I’d say.

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john q. public said...

Sounds like it must be a fun time to have gay uncles.