Sunday, January 06, 2019

Epiphany ends the holidays

It’s January 6 in New Zealand, and that means it’s Epiphany. The day may not mean much to most people, but when I was growing up, it was the day that Christmas officially ended at our house, something I wrote about back in 2016. This year, as most years, that was a footnote.

We didn’t decorate for Christmas again this year, which is pretty common for us. Our only real decoration, if it can be called that, was easy to put away: The Christmas cards we got. One came from a couple we know through podcasting who Nigel and I met in person five years ago. We also received another from one of my cousins—and a couple came from realtors. Clearly, it wasn’t a big display, but the ones from the real people we know were nice and cheery to look at.

Other than that, today was a lazy Sunday as we got ready to resume our normal routines tomorrow. I did a couple loads of laundry, and Nigel went out to water the tomatoes, which is how he spotted the two mostly ripe tomatoes in my Instagram photo above. Nigel, who had a somewhat different vision for his photo, took the one below.

This week I have a long list of projects to resume work on, the sorts of routine things that just kind of got pushed aside during the holidays. That includes doing a full grocery shopping trip, and while I’m out I’m going to get some bird netting to, hopefully, help protect the tomatoes.

Other projects will be coming along in the weeks ahead, but those will be topics for other posts. Right now what’s important that today was a nice, quiet, lazy day, the perfect way to end our break for the holidays.

And, we got our first two tomatoes.

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