Monday, October 01, 2018

That viral mash-up meme

The very brief video above is a copy of a viral video apparently shared originally on Facebook, and it’s a mash-up of Kavanaugh's testimony with the hamburger scene From Pulp Fiction, complete with “naughty” words. Apparently, no one knows who made it originally, but the video made a lot of people laugh at a time they needed it most.

Let’s be clear: The video doesn’t tell us any truths, doesn’t reveal any new information—or any information at all. Instead, it just takes two unrelated things and throws them together in a way that makes people laugh—though I bet that some Republicans might not think it’s funny, convinced that Democrats/Liberals/whatever are being mean to them. This isn’t actually partisan as we normally understand or use that term, but is the sort of topical parody that once was common in the days before everyone, Right and Left, became such delicate flowers.

If we really wanted to mock Republicans and their bald attempts to fix the confirmation process in their favour, we might point out that someone using a computer in offices of the US House of Representatives edited a Wikipedia page in an attempt to make it match the falsehood Kavanaugh said in his testimony that’s since become a huge topic of mockery all over the Internet.

Whatever, the meme’s just funny.

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