Friday, September 26, 2014

One very good thing

Quite a few good things came from the recent election campaign (aside from, you know, losing, of course). One of the best things for me personally is also the most surprising: I lost weight.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the last couple weeks in particular I didn’t eat well—too much fast food, and on a schedule that was a little erratic, too. I also said that “all the physical activity helped keep me from gaining any weight”. This week I found out I actually lost weight—even better!

I’ve always weighed myself on Friday mornings. Last week, on the eve of Election Day, I’d held my weight steady from the week before, which I thought was great. When I weighed myself today, well after the end of the campaign, it was actually down, which is good news in itself, even better considering the odds it wouldn't be so, and fantastic because it’s the lowest yet since I began this particular “get healthier” journey.

This all began, long-time readers may remember, with my tooth drama that started back in April (more about that in a minute). The advanced periodontitis I faced led me to see my doctor and that, in turn, has led to fitful attempts to lose weight and get healthier. It’s been very uneven progress, with steps forward and back in almost equal number.

The campaign changed that. All the physical activity—delivering lots of flyers, waving signs and dealing with the big signs at the end of the campaign—made a difference, which just goes to prove yet again that small changes in the amount of physical activity can have pretty big benefits. Which, of course, I knew already. And ignored.

As it happens, I went to the periodontist yesterday and had a few teeth re-treated. I won’t go back now for six months. All of which is an indicator of how well things went and how well I responded to the treatment. Yay, me, I guess.

The trick now will be to keep this momentum going—to keep getting exercise (whether I want to or not…) and keep improving with the interdental brushing. Both are needed, and I find both challenging.

Still, I’m pleased to have good news about the whole getting healthier thing, and it’ll encourage me to push on. I’m also pleased to see that the campaign had a measurably positive effect on me (aside from, you know, losing, of course). Getting just a little bit healthier is one good thing, at least, that the campaign gave me.

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