Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Every child deserves a family

In the video above, “C”BN, Pat Robetson’s extreme far right “Christian” channel, interviews a spokesbigot for the far right Heritage Foundation on why same-sex adoption will create a black hole that will devour the entire earth. Or something like that—their lies, stupidity and illogic make it too hard to make any sense out of their babbling.

I’m not going to waste my time countering all the lies and disinformation the appropriately-named Chuck Donovan spews, though he said very little that’s actually factual. However, he said it was “indisputable that children need both a mother and a father”. That’s always been the basis for the right's opposition to adoption by same-sex couples. My problem with this isn’t just that it’s nonsense not supported by real science done by real scientists, it’s the absolutism of their religious-based ideology: Children are always better off with a mother and father at home?

Oh, really? From today’s news:

“Father pleads guilty to torturing 9-year-old, beating him with spatula, stuffing him in oven”

“Authorities said the dad stripped the kid naked, beat him with a spatula, burned his hands on a stove top and then stuffed him inside an oven, threatening to turn it on.”


“[He] heated up two burners on the stove and held the defenseless boy's hands on them until his skin began to peel. Prosecutors said Moss punched his son in the face and then forced him into the oven.
“’I'm going to burn you alive!’ he hollered, according to published reports.

“Donovan said the boy screamed and begged to be let out of the oven. The dad threatened to turn it on, but eventually let him out and threw him, still naked, out the front door.

“Skin was falling off the boy's burned hands, but Moss coldheartedly ignored his son's pain, and never took him to a hospital, court papers say. Instead, Moss ordered [the boy] to sit naked on the floor ‘like a dog,’ the court papers charge.

“[The boy] complied and sat naked until his mother came home and finally took him to a hospital. He was treated for second-and-third-degree burns, and cuts to his back and knees.”
Obviously, the fact that this boy had a mother and a father, both at home, clearly makes the boy's home better than any he could ever have with a same-sex couple, right CBN/Heritage Foundation? Clearly the parents in this story automatically get the CBN/Heritage Foundation Seal of Approval!

The father in this mother-father home tortured his son because he thought the boy took $20 from his wallet. If I had my way, that father monster would never see daylight or another human being for the rest of his life.

The Every Child Deserves a Family Act would ban discrimination in adoption or foster care placement based on the sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity of the potential parent, or the sexual orientation or gender identity of the child.

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