Friday, July 30, 2010

Misty morning

Some mornings in winter are foggy—I’ve blogged about that before. But today was a little unusual in that the fog crept in later and burned off later. In fact, I was surprised when I opened the curtains this morning—I was surprised at the view. The photos above and below show some of what I saw.

This will apparently end soon: Spring is supposed to be warmer and earlier—or something (I couldn’t find a link on TVNZ’s site). At any rate, the arrival of Spring will mean the end of morning fog.

Whatever the weather ends up being, Spring is still a month away. Knowing that helps make winter somewhat endurable. And, it gives me a chance to post some more of my photos.


Dave Faulkner said...

Hey Arthur, still bashing Republicans I see! I ordered a watch from a boutique manufacturer in NZ (Magrette Timepieces) and thought of you (I am a watch collector and a Republican). Stopped by to read your propaganda and say hi

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Hi Dave! Good to hear from you! Yep, still presenting my side as a proud liberal Democrat—some things don't change! :-)

Roger Owen Green said...

Arthur - Mist. MIST? Is that the worst your Kiwi winter can do? You're breaking my heart! :-)You've been away from Chicago too long.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Sorry, Roger, this is as bad as it gets in winter in Auckland (well, apart from days on end of rain…). There are parts of New Zealand where it's more like the winters I'm accustomed to, but I don't plan on ever living in such places!