Monday, March 08, 2010

When the ‘news’ isn’t

Anchor Management

In this “Daily Show” video, Jon Stewart again eviscerates Fox “News”, this time showing how the network’s claim that there’s a difference between their so-called “news” and their opinion shows is utter nonsense. Specifically, he shows how their current star teleprompter reader, Megyn Kelly, is absolutely not “fair and balanced.” In fact, the people that she and Fox “News” talk with during supposed “news” segments shown spout the same Republican talking points presented by their performers on opinion shows.

Sensible people know that Fox “News” is nothing but a rightwing propaganda machine—any real news that shows up on that network is utterly accidental. We expect the liberal-leaning MSNBC—which, pointedly, does not use the word “news” in the network name—to debunk the lies, distortions, disinformation and outright propaganda from Fox. We expect the same—and biting wit—from Jon Stewart. So the question is, why aren’t the mainstream media more aggressive in exposing Fox?

Sadly, Fox “News” pollutes New Zealand’s Sky TV pay service—which is part-owned by Rupert Murdoch. At least in NZ it runs without commercials, so Rupo isn’t making much money from it here. That’s something.

Apologies to Canadians, who cannot view this video.

Tip o’ the Hat to the Huffington Post.

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