Saturday, January 17, 2009

The way to fight back

The Florida chapter of the rabidly anti-gay (and utterly creepy) American “Family” Association has launched an attack against MTV-owned LOGO by going after the advertisers on one particular programme, Sordid Lives (via Joe.My.God and WickedGayBlog.com).

They use the usual far right christianist nonsense about the show being some sort of attack on “Christians”, and they, of course, use a lie to advance their cause. Bad move. One of the show’s stars, Jason Dottley, posted a response on YouTube (above). It’s a perfect example of how to take on the haters: When they lie, call them on it. When they stay stupid or hateful things, call them on it.

Well done, Jason! Anyone who wants to fight the right would do well to take note. The far right can only defeat us with our consent—if we take them on, we'll win.


jason dottley said...

hi, jason dottley here! thanks for your kind words and your support and for posting the video!
keep fighting,
jason dottley

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Wow, you really DO use Google Alerts! Great to see you making the rounds of the blogs—that's another aspect of the Good Fight: Acknowledging supporters and allies. So, well done for doing that, too!