Monday, October 05, 2020

More NZ Labour ads

The New Zealand Labour Party has started running a new ad on TV, but at the moment the only version online—and, therefore, shareable—is on Facebook (above). Those can be a problem sometimes, so if it doesn’t work, follow the Facebook link instead.

However, when I went to YouTube to try and find the video of the new ad, I realised there are two more ads I hadn’t shared yet. Both were released about a week after the first one that I shared. They’re still on TV, along with the new one.

The first ad is “Our plan creates jobs, backs business, and grows trade”:

The other ad is “We're rolling out a plan that keeps people safe & builds the economy”:

All the ads repeat similar themes, and each are good at quickly presenting their case. In general terms, I think the newest one is the most effective mainly because it’s more like the ads people are watching for pretty much everything else, and because it’s different from the ads other parties are running, nearly all of which, like Labour's previous ads, have the party leader talking to the camera. I like that Labour has mixed it up a bit. Also, the stop sign changing from "stop" to "go" is a particularly effective visual device. 

The New Zealand General Election will be held on Saturday, October 17, but voting began this past Saturday, October 3. Voter turnout so far is trending ahead of last year (though it’s only been two days; that link goes to stats that will be updated daily). Tonight I heard that Elections NZ is expecting 60% of the vote to be cast before Election Day. I think they may be right.

Disclosures: I’m a supporter of the New Zealand Labour Party, but have no position of any kind with them, nor am I in contact with party leaders. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, based on more than 40 years closely following election campaigns, as well as my personal values.


Roger Owen Green said...

Hey, if we get Jacinda, you can have ALL of the Trumps! Including Jared

Arthur Schenck said...

No deal. Nice try, though.