Monday, May 11, 2020

Honest Government Ad

The video above is part of a series of satirical “Honest Government Ads” by Australian outfit, The Juice Media. The “ads” are all brutal—and on point. They’re also full of “naughty words” (they put out what they call “PG Versions” of their ad videos, which includes a “PG Version” of this ad, too).

I wonder how many gullible people have been “fooled” by these videos and think they’re really from “the government”. After all, this is the era of low-information people without critical thinking skills, people who take pride in their ignorance and their hair-trigger outrage responses. Still, I’ve always believed that breaking through the dull haze of complacency is a good thing, and maybe a few of those sorts of people might even be compelled to try to “debunk” the video, thereby finding out that they have, in fact, been fooled: By the very politicians and media outlets they once screamed in defense of.

Many years ago, I saw a documentary that included an interview with actor Tom Fitzpatrick who said something I’ve never forgotten; Laughing is something we do when we’re surprised by the truth. That’s precisely why so many of us laugh at these videos: These days it’s surprising to see any presentation of truth, and satire and comedy seem to be among the few places where truth is still presented.

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rogerogreen said...

My Pandemic editor LOVES this video!