Sunday, October 21, 2018

Charlatans without shame

The charlatans and conmen in the “Christian” Right have ceased any pretence of trying to hide their partisanship: They are Republicans exclusively, and they want you to believe their god is, too, and if you don’t believe that, you’re damned. Well, they can say whatever they want—freedom of speech and all that—and, for the very same reason, I get to say what I honestly think of them, too. So, in my sincerely held opinion, they’re frauds and liars and Frank Graham is among the worst of the worst: Total fraud, liar, conman, and downright evil.

The graphic above is a post from Frank Graham, the scamvangelist who has done everything in his power to destroy whatever good feeling there once were for his now dead famous father, Billy Graham. Frank has long promoted rank bigotry, religious chauvinism, and christofascism. But the post above exposes the extent of his fraud: The ONLY thing he cares about is power through Republicans.

His post is filled with utter lies, and that can only be explained by two possibilities. First, he’s lying and knows it, but justifies it because, Jesus (and more power for him and his fellow scammers, just coincidentally). If true, this would prove he’s a fake Christian. Or, he really can’t see the criminality and immorality of the current occupant of the White House, in which case he’s so pathologically stupid one must worry for his well being. I’m betting on the first option.

Let’s correct his idiotic post, shall we? Yes, let’s!

“[The current occupant of the White House] has kept his promises to Christians, that he would protect religious freedoms and appoint conservative judges to the federal courts and to the Supreme Court.”

The current occupant and his Republican enablers in Congress have absolutely appointed extremist radical rightwing judges, but the current occupant couldn’t possibly are less about that—he’s outsourced it. Republicans and the “evangelical” charlatans care a lot about that because their agenda calls for taking away the right of women to control their own health decisions, for taking away the right to marry for gay couples—and outlawing our lives, and for increasing the power of corporations. So, yeah, yay Jesus! You know, the guy who, according the very stories that Frank must have heard at some point in his life, consorted with the outcasts and advocated for the poor and powerless—NOT people like Frank.

Let us never forget that “Religious Freedom” is Republican jargon which means “the right to tell fags to get the fuck out of my shop” and nothing more. Ever. Oddly enough, if an atheist refused to serve a Christian THEIR religious freedom would NEVER be defended by Frank and the scamvangelists. Funny, that!

But, our boy continues:

“And he has kept the promises he made to our country to create jobs, strengthen the military, lower taxes, and strengthen our borders.”

Every single thing is a lie. Already, jobs are being lost all over the Midwest because of the trade wars the idiot in the White House has started. Coal is dead—jobs have been lost since he took power. Strengthen the military? For WHAT?! To repress the civilians at home who DARE to disagree with the current regime? Lower taxes? Not unless you’re a corporation or obscenely rich. Strengthen borders? Don’t make me laugh more than I already do.

Frankie goes on:

“But for him to continue fulfilling the promises he made to the American people, he has to have a House and Senate that will work with him to bring positive change, regardless of party. The midterm elections are just 17 days away, and it is one of the most important in our lifetime. Pray before you vote, and don't let the media that is trying to divide our country, influence you. Look at the facts, do your research, pray, and vote.”

What. An. Asshole. He is flat out lying when he says “regardless of party”—that’s just a cynical sop to avoid endangering his tax-free status, and we all know he’s lying through his teeth: Democrats will not cooperate with this regime, nor should they ever. Everyone knows that. So, clearly Frankie wants people to vote for Republicans, and only Republicans. The media dividing us?! Is he fucking serious?!!! Has he not heard the lies and smears coming from his Dear Beloved Leader?!! Or the smears and lies from Republicans running for office? Or the cynical tricks they’re committing to get elected? Of course he has: Frank is an asshole, but he’s not stupid, and he knows damn well what a fraud the current occupant is and how Republicans say one thing and then do everything they can to help the rich and corporations and ONLY them, ordinary people be damned.

I’ll tell you what, Frankie: I don’t need to do any "research" or to "pray" to know what a fraud you and the other scamvangelists are. You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourselves and your ability to tell everyone else how they must live their lives—no, to order them how they must live their lives. To Frankie and his fellow scamvangelists, freedom ends at the nail on their bony, scolding finger wagging at us ALL disapprovingly.

So, no, Frankie, I will NOT vote for ANY Republican—not this year, not any year. Put that in your holier-than-thou scam bucket and drink deeply, Frankie! You attack me and those I love, and I will resist you. I will vote until your friends take that right away from me—as they will if they can. And if you think you win, you will be wrong. Truth, justice, freedom and liberty will never surrender to you and your scamvangelist buddies. EVER.

That’s the real truth. Not that Frankie and his scamvangelst friends have any idea what the truth actually is.

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