Thursday, October 25, 2018

Calum Scott – ‘No Matter What’

Every once in a while things kind of circle back around, including topics I’ve blogged about before, or the topics that made me blog about it in the first place. This week it was a surprise interview with UK singer Calum Scott, who was in New Zealand for one concert. That led me to find the song above.

Calum was the subject of one of my Weekend Diversion posts back in May of last year, and I’ve heard his songs occasionally since then. But when I saw him interviewed on TVNZ’s Breakfast show (Facebook video below), I was surprised—I didn’t know he was performing in New Zealand. He had a single show that night in Auckland—his first show here.

During the interview, they talked about Calum’s new song “No Matter What”, without playing even a clip from it. Naturally, that couldn’t stand, so I went and found it (video above).

The song, released just this month, is about his coming out experience, but even more so about the love or a parent for their child. It is sad that this is a necessary topic, but there are plenty of LGBT+ kids who are not loved by their parents “No Matter What”. Maybe some day.

In any case, I think it’s a really nice song with a great message. Definitely worth sharing.

“Heartwarming applause makes Calum Scott emotional | No Matter What” – video on YouTube.

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