Thursday, October 04, 2018

Another 'birthday' for Bella

Today was once again our cat Bella’s “birthday”, and it’s another we hadn’t expected, It was July of 2016 when the vet told us she had kidney disease, but that was more than two years ago now. The fact that she’s still doing well makes us very happy, of course, and we just make sure she’s comfortable and loved for however long she’s with us—basically, what we’d do, anyway.

Bella first chose us as her family back in 2010. She was pretty wild at first, but she settled down over time and even now is still a lap cat.

Photos of Bella aren’t necessarily any easier than they were over the previous couple years—she often looks away—but she will pose sometimes. Lately, though, most of the photos are of her sleeping, often next to Leo, who is her best friend. For example, here’s how they started Bella’s birthday, both of them napping on my lap as I had my first cup of coffee of the day (the orange and brown thing underneath them is Leo’s rope toy; he always brings his toys into my lap):

And here’s an Instagram photo of the two of them that I shared yesterday:

Bella doesn’t spend a lot of time with Jake and Sunny, but they all get on well, which is the main thing—although, if Bella walks away from her food Jake, and sometimes Sunny, are happy to clean her plate for her. Maybe they have a secret deal.

We’re glad that Bella has beaten the odds and then some, and that we still get to share life with her. One day, of course, that will change, but that day is not today.

Happy “Birthday”, Bella!

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