Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Before the storm

A major storm is headed for New Zealand, with heavy rains and strong winds hitting Auckland by around midday tomorrow. Early reports said we could get “hurricane force winds” and surface flooding, particularly because so much of the North Island has been very dry. We need rain, but…

I decided I wouldn’t take chances, so I went out to tie my tomatoes a bit more to their supporting stakes. Afterward, I took a selfie (photo above). It’s possible to see some baby tomatoes in that photo, and below is a close-up of some of the first to appear. I hope I did enough.

I did all that after we got home from lunch. When we left the house, it was 30 at our house (86F), bright, sunny, and with a few clouds in the otherwise blue sky. Gorgeous day, in other words.

After lunch, we stopped in the local Four Square and stocked up on some food so we don’t have to leave the house tomorrow, which seemed prudent. I plan some inside projects tomorrow, mainly starting work on re-organising my office, the perfect project for a rainy day. I may even work on some kitchen reorganisation (making changes to what I’ve already done). It’s nice to have options, especially since the storm isn’t supposed to leave New Zealand until Saturday (I presume the worst of it will have left us before then…).

So, today was a pretty ordinary summer day, really, and included preparation for a very different one tomorrow. It was a pretty good day, I’d say.

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