Friday, January 12, 2018

A day out

Today was a day out. The caption for the photo above pretty much explains what we were doing out and about early in the morning, but it was a good a day even despite the early start. And, it taught me a thing or two.

My breakfast of sweetcorn fritters is one of my go-to meals at a café because it’s not eggs, not over the top (usually), and I like the various ways it’s done. And for me, that was pretty much all there was to it until my sister posted a question: “Aren't corn fritters a Southern dish over here?” I didn’t know. So, I looked it up. Of course.

It turns out that, yes, corn fritters are made in the Southern (especially) USA, and the main difference between theirs and ours is that theirs includes butter, and ours doesn’t [Edmonds provides a classic Kiwi sweetcorn fritter recipe]. In most NZ cafés, the fritters are more like pancakes, and one near our hosue uses a waffle maker to make theirs (probably with butter…), which works surprisingly well. The best corn fritters I’ve had (so far) are still from the place I blogged about nearly three years ago.

After breakfast, we ran a couple errands (dog food and grocery shopping, mostly) before heading home. We were almost no sooner in the door before Nigel got a message that his car was ready. I put the groceries away, we rested a bit, then headed back out.

We had lunch in Pukekohe (just fast food, so, not Instagram-worthy…), stopped for a couple more retail errands, and then went to pick up Nigel’s car. Then, we went home, and our errands were done.

All in all, a productive day. We ordered some fencing for a project we’ll be doing soon, but that won’t be delivered until next week, which is fine. And we would’ve needed the dog food tomorrow, so that was important. But, we also got to have a nice breakfast out together, at a Pukekohe café we’d never been to before. The best part is, there are a lot more left to explore.

I’d never had corn fritters until I came to New Zealand, and until today I never really knew all that much about them. Having a day out can be a good thing for many reasons.

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