Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekend Diversion: Political humour

The video above probably won’t last long, for a lot of reasons, but I’m sharing it anyway because it’s really well done, and pretty funny. It also shows what I’d like to see happen, even though I obviously know it won’t happen like that for most of the people they include. But maybe that makes it just a little bit funnier—the improbability of it all. I’m sure rightwingers have similar videos all their own for the people they don’t like—I’m just not likely to ever see them.

While I’d like to see any of these folks indicted, tried, convicted, and imprisoned, I’m not sure that all of that is going to happen to any of them. While the pundits seem to agree that the mostly likely person to be indicted will be Manafort or Flynn, I’d like to see it be someone much closer to the current occupant of the White House. Among other things, that could encourage people to make a plea bargain so the current occupant can ultimately be prosecuted and/or impeached and removed from office.

But, right now, that, too, is more of a fantasy of the sort depicted in the video.

Footnote: The YouTube description says: “Video is a play on the Daredevil Season 1 ending montage.” I didn’t know what it came from.

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