Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No Halloween by choice

We had no trick or treaters this year, and for the first time ever, we didn’t have to dread the fact we might. We didn’t put out the balloon the local realtor gave everyone, and neither did our next door neighbour, so no kids came anywhere near our house. The dogs didn’t even know anything was going on.

Of course, I don’t know whether any kids were anywhere near our house, anyway: The are other areas with more densely packed houses. At our last house, we didn’t get trick or treaters very often because we were one of a group of houses down a very long drive, out of view of the watchful parents tailing their kids from a short but discreet distance. But we had no way to signal we weren’t doing Halloween short of closing the drapes and locking the dogs inside the house.

This year was much better.

The truth is, I don’t like Halloween, as I’m sure I must’ve said before on this blog. I wasn’t really all that keen as a kid, and was over it before my voice changed. In the years since, I’ve grown to pretty much loathe it, and the pressure to enjoy it, to come up with a brilliant costume, and even the uncertainty of how much candy to buy. This was the first year in many, many years that I didn’t have to worry about any of that.

So, we didn’t have any Halloween tonight, and that was by choice. And, because of all that, it was a good night.

On the other hand, Christmas ads began airing in heavy rotation on TV tonight, and today we also got several ad flyers promoting Christmas, so there's that…

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