Tuesday, October 31, 2017

About those indictments

It’s been funny to watch the contortions in the USA over the indictments of some of the inner circle of the current occupant of the White House. The Left is gleeful and expecting the imminent demise of the current regime, and the Right is utterly dismissive and attempting to distract and deflect. The Left is over-selling, and the Right is underestimating.

The indictments do not, by themselves, mean the end of the current regime is imminent. While this could eventually lead to that, there are so many incalculable variables that it’s impossible to conclude that as the inevitable result. Democrats—and mainstream Republicans who also loathe the current occupant of the White House—need to forget about the indictments for now, and concentrate on one thing: Ensuring Democrats take control of Congress with a veto-proof majority in the 2018 elections because that will be the only sure way to stop the current occupant.

On the other hand, these indictments aren’t “nothing”—they’re a very big something, actually. Also, just because the current indictments are only partly, even tangentially, related to Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 US elections, and the collusion of the Republican presidential campaign in that effort, that doesn’t mean that later indictments won’t drive a stake into the heart of that monster, to use a Halloween metaphor. The current regime should be very worried about what is coming next, because this is absolutely not the end, but just a beginning.

So, if the indictments aren’t nothing, but also aren’t the big something, what exactly are they? They’re a start. It looks like things will become a much, much bigger deal before this all plays out, and where it will all lead, how this will affect the current regime, are impossible to know—but, personally, I’m still not ruling out the resignation I always thought was the most likely way the current occupant would leave office.

Patience, as ever, is a virture, and something we all need to have.

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