Thursday, August 10, 2017

Secret kitty

I shared the photo above on Instagram and my personal Facebook today, and the caption explains what it’s about. But the background story is how mile the weather has been the past few days. It’s rained a lot (still), but today started out sunny and mild, something Bella took advantage of. I don’t blame her.

We’re supposed to get more rainy weather and some cool days are bound to return before Spring begins on September 1, so the recent respite has been more of a hint of what is to come than an actual change in the weather. I’m really looking forward to Spring, paricularly considering how lousy this winter has been.

Bella, however, will find ways to enjoy the day regardless, and will find nice warm places to sleep. Today she was a secret kitty, but every day she’s a good kitty. Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and enjoy that.

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