Friday, August 25, 2017

Daffodil Day

Today was Daffodil Day in New Zealand, the major annual fundraiser for the New Zealand Cancer Society that’s been running since 1990. It’s such a small thing, really: People spend a few dollars for an artificial daffodil to pin on their jackets, and together that money adds up into some serious dollars. And it’s all so very worth it.

It’s been nearly four decades since cancer killed my mother, but one day that result will be rare. Science is making discoveries all the time that are already saving people’s lives and improving the quality of life for those who cannot yet be saved. I’m utterly sure that one day science will conquer cancer.

This is one of those causes where a little donation can go a long way, helping people now and into the future. But it’s one of those good causes that I fervently hope will one day will be gone because it’s no longer needed. But until then, I’ll buy my daffodil every year, and I’ll give more when I can. No one could save my mother, but I can honour her by helping, even in my tiny way, to hurry the day in which no one will lose someone they love to cancer. I’ll never stop hoping that we’ll win, and soon.

This is the TV commercial I was referring to in my Instagram post, and the boy I mentioned specifically is the first person to face the camera:

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