Wednesday, February 01, 2017

We’re having an election

The date for New Zealand’s next nationwide election has been announced: Saturday, September 23, 2017. It’s a little earlier than it needs to be, but not unusually so. While political jockeying will now begin, the actual campaign won’t begin for several months—about two months before the election. I like that.

Unlike US elections, our election campaigns are short. That’s because there are rules about what can and can’t be done this far out from an election. Election signs aren’t permitted until two months out from the election. And, of course, all election signs must be down by midnight on Friday, September 22, 2017.

So, it’ll be relatively peaceful for many months, with a frenzy of activity during the two months leading up to the election. Election Day itself is quiet up until the polls close at 7pm because by law the newsmedia can’t say much of anything at all. And, did I mention there are no election signs still up on Election Day? All of which is why I really like the way New Zealand does elections.

I’ll have things to say about the election, of course, and I’ll talk about various policies and personalities. But, not today. No sense rushing things. I like that about New Zealand elections, too.

See also: 2017 General Election Timetable – New Zealand Electoral Commission

The graphic up top is from the New Zealand Labour Party and posted to their Facebook Page (a warning: Trolls always comment on Labour Party posts). They also provided a link to their site for people to volunteer. The graphic below is from Rainbow Labour’s Facebook Page (they get few comments, and no trolls). Rainbow Labour is the official branch of the Labour Party for supporters within New Zealand’s rainbow communities.

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