Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Eight years later

Today is the anniversary of our civil union. You could say we had our wedding in 2009, but weren’t actually married until 2013. That delay wasn’t because of bureaucracy, but because of government: We had to wait for politicians to make marriage a reality for us, too.

We were married only a couple months after marriage equality became law. On the other hand, we’d waited several years before getting a civil union. Since our marriage, the anniversary of our civil union has become kind of neglected. We don’t do anything special for it (unless you count my annual blog post) because we pay more attention to the anniversary of when we were married. Maybe that was inevitable.

But I mark the occasion every year, and for a whole lot of reasons. It was a special day, one well worth remembering for its own sake. And, besides, it was one of the hottest days we’d ever had—who could forget THAT?! We all still talk about that, and we remember.

This date eight years ago was very special at the time. To me, the fact we were later married doesn’t change the importance of our civil union, it reinforces it precisely because it built on that day and the memories we made. It all just kind of flows.

And so, I’ll keep remembering it because it mattered, and still does.

Happy anniversary to us!

This now concludes the 2016-17 “Season of Anniversaries”. The blog now resumes normal content provision.


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