Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Cold again—again

This has seemed an unusual winter, a bit wetter and a bit colder than in other years. All of this is relative, of course, relying on memory and perception isn’t, well, reliable. Even when they're accurate, winter here is still mild compared to winters where I grew up. All of which changes nothing about how it all seems. Of course.

The photo at left is a screenshot of the phone App for our weather station taken this morning. 1.6 degrees is 34.88 in Fahrenheit temperature, which is pretty cold by Auckland standards. It was cold enough for ice to form on car windows, so I was glad I didn’t have to drive anywhere this morning.

Cold as it was this morning, it was considerably colder last month. However, thanks in part to this blog, I also know that a cold snap in July of last year was warmer than this morning was. So, my perception that this winter is colder isn’t merely perception, after all. I knew this blog would come in handy for something.

The cold snap came after a blizzard struck parts of the country including eastern parts of the North Island, and that means that colder weather was over much of the country.

This evening was considerably warmer than it was yesterday evening, so this cold snap appears to have been very brief. That’s the best thing about it, as far as I’m concerned.

The main thing about this, though, is it goes to show once again that Auckland’s weather can be colder (and hotter…) than many people realise. Sure, it’s milder than NE Illinois where I grew up and lived before I moved to New Zealand, but this is where I live now, and the way weather feels to me now is what matters to me, not what it was like where I’m from. I suppose if I were to move back there, it would all change again; it’s just the way we humans seem to work.

I’m so very ready for Spring…

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