Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Small parts of the stories

Just as I share things I run across that don’t make it to their own blog posts, sometimes I also post small updates to various things I’ve talked about. And, just as with the “Internet Wading” posts, these small updates are about things I might not mention otherwise, even if they can be necessary to fill the gaps in ongoing stories.

Repair Shop II

Yesterday I went to the dentist to have a small chip repaired in a front tooth. As I said after my last visit to the dentist, the chip was very old—easily 50 years, give or take. The results were good, and makes the gap and dropped tooth look not quite as bad; I think that’s because the chip made the space look even larger. At any rate, it’s a small step in this whole “Tooth Tales” journey, but still important. And, the whole appointment was about 20 minutes, most of which was spent waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect.

Living and dyeing

I’ve long said that there will come a time when colouring my hair will be “more than faintly ridiculous”; I may be reaching that point. I always thought it would be changes to my skin tone as I got older, but it turns out to be my hair itself.

Grey hair is coarser than normal hair and, apparently, more resistant to colouring. My head hair accepts dye, more or less, but my beard, which is where most of my grey hair is at the moment—is resisting. Beard hair is coarser than head hair already, of course, so the resistance of the grey hairs is understandable.

When I first noticed that some of the grey wasn’t being coloured as well, I switched to a lighter dye colour, reasoning that the poor coverage may not be as noticeable against a lighter colour. It turns out, I was wrong: The areas that still have colour take the dye well, the areas that are mostly grey, don’t, leaving me a bit two-toned-ish. There are scary-sounding methods for softening stubborn hair involving peroxide developers (not going to happen…) among other things, but the simplest solution long term may just be to stop.

• • •

Those are just a couple small updates to things I’ve talked about in the past, and will talk about again, no doubt. If I hadn’t done this update, I’m sure down the road I’d have thought I talked about them, anyway. At least now I actually have.

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rogerogreen said...

I've never dyed my hair (or worn a toupee)