Monday, February 01, 2016


Today was Auckland Anniversary Day. While it’s normally the last Friday in January, sometimes it’s moved, as it was this year. I don’t know, but am happy to speculate, that it was observed today so people could have a long break, since Waitangi Day is this coming weekend.

Whatever the case, three-day holiday weekends, nice as they are, are always a little disruptive—even more so when there are two in a row, as we have this year. I freely admit that at one point today I wasn’t sure what day of the week it was. Tough life, I know.

This coincided with some other disruptions—nothing big or dramatic, just some things that made blogging very difficult, among other things. Nothing important, in other words.

The first disruption was that we had some electrical work done last week, and that involved shutting off the power for much of Friday afternoon. This was while I was at the appointment with the hygienist that I mentioned in my previous post (and this post is about why I couldn't blog about it at the time—a neat blogging circle, right there).

The bigger issue wasn’t so much the fact I couldn't use my computer, it was that the house was really hot: With the power off, the air conditioning was off, and the place heated up pretty quickly. When I got home, Nigel (who had the day off) had all the doors and windows open, but it didn’t help. On the other hand, the electrician was just finishing up.

The other barrier was that we were trying a new Internet connection that uses 4G cell service. The thing just stopped working later Friday evening, when I often do a blog post. It did it again about the same time last night, and again this afternoon. Sadly, it has to go back because reliability matters. We tried it because it's dramatically faster than what we have now (when it worked), something that matters because we won’t get “ultra-fast broadband” for at least another year (this is a very sore point…).

So, add all that up, and I couldn’t do the Tooth Tales post Friday (and then I forgot). Hardly important, but it was annoying.

The technological disruptions, when added to the three-day holiday weekend, meant it as an unusual time the past few days—good, but unusual. Tomorrow, the new school year starts in Auckland, and I’m back at work. All of which disrupts my summer, to be honest.

We still had a good weekend, though: That’s the main thing.


rogerogreen said...

I need to find some more basic stuff to write about...

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

I'd be lost without basic stuff… the Tooth Tales posts are a good example.