Thursday, January 07, 2016

A good evening

Sometimes it’s good to celebrate small achievements and improvements. Tonight was one of those times.

I was able to join in this evening’s walk, though I couldn’t keep up with Nigel and the dogs. So, I took a shorter path around the pond at Onepoto Domain, and met up with them at the end of their longer path. They had a good walk, and I, well, I had a bit of a walk. I didn’t want to push it, but I wanted so badly to join them; I did the best I could.

The photo above is of a young pohutukawa tree near the carpark, still in bloom. I missed the height of the blooms this year, being busy and then sick, so this was nice to see. I noticed a few more still had blooms—mostly younger trees, it seemed.

The photo below is of some of the ducks swimming in the pond. The yellow ball in the water is actually something the people with the radio-controlled boats steer around, a bit like yacht races (I mentioned the boats in yesterday’s post ).

I’m clearly on the mend, and it felt good to get a tiny bit of exercise. It won’t be long before I’m walking as much and as fast as the others. This is good.

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